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1932 Helicron Antique Propeller-Car Restored


THE Helicron was constructed in France in 1932 but was rediscovered in a barn in 2000, having been abandoned there by its original owner.

source/image: Barcroft Cars

Found in terrible condition, it’s now been restored with as many original parts plus a modern Citroen GS engine.

The one-of-a-kind propeller-driven car is 14ft in length with a 4ft propeller. David, from Tennessee, told Ridiculous Rides that “some people find it frightening, other people find it fascinating.


It’s a very special car to drive” and “you’ll never see another one on the road”. The car is hard to miss as it is as “loud as a small aeroplane” and “steers like a boat or a forklift”.//Barcroft Cars