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1949 Ford Body Swapped BMW 335I Chassis Drivetrain Hot Rod


In this video from the 2021 SEMA Show held in Las Vegas NV I catch up with this 1949 Ford body that has been been placed on a BMW 335I chassis.That’s right.It’s a 1949 Ford on the outside and BMW 335I everywhere else.The builders tell Me it feels like you’re driving a widebody BMW.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

The concept came from wanting to do something different with something that they loved.Old Fords and BMW. The body is still in bare metal.No paint.This 1949 Ford from the 2021 SEMA Show is not that kind of Hot Rod.The interior is partly BMW 335I and custom Hot Rod.

Covered in Red Cloth.Fits the build well. The Wheels are custom Truck Wheels that give it a very aggressive look.Body mods are many, it has been chopped.Shortened seven inches.The Body of the BMW 335 was cut off and the 1949 Ford Body was set on to that platform.


So the amount of fabrication work was great.Under the hood is the inline turbo six from the BMW 335I.But keep in mind this in not a motor swap.It’s a body swap.A body swap I don’t think anyone else has tried.Very cool for sure./ScottieDTV