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World’s First Non-Flammable Fireworks Experiment


The title of this video makes quite a claim that I’m certain will be disputed in the comments from a perfectly literal perspective, however, flammable materials is an official classification typically reserved for things that are more flammable than ordinary objects like paper and wood.

source/image(PrtSC): NightHawkInLight

In this video we explore a brand new process to make Senko Hanabi Sparklers, using a powder that is less flammable than the paper it’s rolled in.

For that reason, I think calling these sparklers non-flammable is an accurate descriptor for practical purposes. Certainly they are the least flammable fireworks in the world, and the only fireworks that do not contain an oxidizing or explosive ingredient.


The use of potassium bicarbonate (and sodium bicarbonate) as the primary mass of a firework composition is completely novel, and makes these very safe both to make and store compared to other fireworks.Disclaimer: Dont try this at home./NightHawkInLight