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1950s Aston Martin Restored To £400K Masterpiece


AN ASTON Martin that was discovered in ‘barn find’ condition has been renovated – and is now worth £400,000. The team down at Classic Motorcars in Bridgnorth, UK, shortly realised the DB Mark III model was in such bad condition that they had to make a whole new body for it after their purchase at an auction in 2015.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

The original WO Bentley engine also had to be restored right down to the cast-iron cylinder heads, which were prone to cracking.

But after 4,500 hours of hard work, the classic car is now back to its original condition. The DB 2/4 Mark III is a sports car sold by Aston Martin from 1957 until 1959.


It was an evolution of the DB2/4 Mark II model it replaced, using an evolution of that car’s W.O. Bentley-designed 2.9 L 2922 cc/ Lagonda straight-6 engine, redesigned by Tadek Marek./wikipedia