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1969 Camaro Restored To Modern-Day Masterpiece


KIERAN’S been a huge motor lover ever since he was a kid, so it was no surprise when he purchased a 1969 Camaro as soon as he hit 18 – but the car was far from ready to hit the road.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

He explained to Truly: “The car was a full-on wreck. This baby needed a lot of work.” Despite having zero experience on restoring a car.

Kieran rose to the challenge, dedicating over three years and $28,000 to transforming the ride to the sleek, classic American motor that it is today.


And it’s not just the driver who’s in awe of this car. Kieran said: “Oh, the general public love it. The reaction is always great to see. The car is very special to me. It really made me realise that anything is doable and anyone can do this.”//Barcroft Cars