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1970 Chevelle SS454 Is Pulled To Safety From The Collapsed Barn

The front entrance of the barn was collapsed to the point that an attempt to remove it through the front door was rendered impossible. The only available option was to stabilize the broken rafters around the Chevelle, then knock down the concrete-block back wall of the barn and remove the car out the rear.

source/image: Patrick Glenn Ni.M.B.F

Once the back wall of the barn was removed, a farm tractor was used to pull the Chevelle up and out of the barn and to safety for the first time in nearly 40 years.The concrete block rear wall of the collapsed barn was removed in order to make way for the Chevelle to make a successful escape without further damage. via: hotrod

source/image: Patrick Glenn Ni.M.B.F

According to the buildsheet, the car was scheduled to be built on January 29, 1970 at the Lakewood Plant in Atlanta, Georgia, and sold new at Graham Chevrolet in Mansfield, Ohio.


The car was optioned with the base RPO Z15 SS454 LS5 engine, raised white-letter tires, cowl-induction hood, Muncie M22 manual transmission, power steering, special instrumentation, Positraction rear differential, bucket seats, center console, door-edge guards, and front-bumper guards.

Seeing one of these cars in such terrible condition is not easy, to be sure, but the right crew working diligently could certainly return the car to its former glory.