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1970 Lancia Stratos Zero – A crazy concept from the Wedge Era, Sound & Driving on the Streets!

The Lancia Stratos Zero (or 0) preceded the Lancia Stratos HF prototype by 12 months and was first shown to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1970.The futuristic bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini, head designer at Bertone, and featured a 1.6 L Lancia Fulvia V4 engine./wikipedia

source/image: 19Bozzy92

The Zero was sourced from existing Lancia parts, according to former interior chief designer Eugenio Pagliano, and the 1.6-liter V4 engine was scooped from the Lancia Fulvia HF. It made 115 hp with two twin-choke Solex carburetors.

source/image: 19Bozzy92

The chassis was crafted in house, and the double-wishbone setup at the rear came from the front end of a crashed Fulvia.



Disc brakes were installed at all four corners and an 11.8-gallon gasoline tank was installed on the right side of the engine bay. The triangle engine cover directed air toward the radiator, which was set in the rear.

The seats were near horizontal and as close to the ground as possible. The windshield extended overhead giving what’s claimed to be a great view of the road in front and the sky above. The futuristic instrument panel was offset to the left and displayed info in green acrylic glass.