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2020 Zero XP Experimental Electric Motorcycle


Designed by Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles and developed in partnership with Zero Motorcycles USA.The XP Zero is a new type of electric motorcycle, one that discards conventions and defies expectations. Developed without compromise and built with precision, the XP combines cutting-edge design with state-of-the-art technology, representing a new era of motorcycling.

source/image(PrtSC): The Vehicle Viewing Gallery

The XP Zero doesn’t look like a conventional motorcycle because it isn’t a conventional motorcycle. The XP produces twice the torque of a superbike, and accelerates faster than a supercar. Watch the video by The Vehicle Viewing Gallery:

The onboard ride computer offers fourteen user-customised performance profiles, switchable on-the-fly, that transform the XP from a cruiser on the motorway, to a cafe racer in the twisties.


With Full 14.4kw Aluminium Drive Train, it boasts 140ftlb/190nm of Torque, 124mph Top Speed, Range 80 – 160 miles.The XP Zero motorcycle won Gold A’ Design Award 2020-2021 in mobility and transportation design category.


  • Length: 80” / 204cm
  • Width: 27” / 68cm
  • Height: 39” / 98cm
  • Seat: 30” / 76cm
  • Weight: 481lbs / 218kg
  • Range: 80-160mi / 130-260km
  • Speed: 124mph / 200kmh
VIA The Vehicle Viewing Gallery
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