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3D Animation Bowling Pinsetter Machine Working Principle


In bowling, a pinsetter or pinspotter is an automated mechanical device that sets bowling pins back in their original positions, returns bowling balls to the front of the alley, and clears fallen pins on the pin deck.

source/image(PrtSc): Jared Owen

The GSX is Brunswick’s current pinsetter. This machine uses a conveyor belt on the pit floor to move the pins to a vertical elevator system similar to the ones utilized on the AMF 82 series pinspotters, while the ball exits the pit at the side through a ball door.3D animation of how a Bowling Pinsetter Machine works. Let’s go behind the scenes!

Pins are loaded using a combination of belts. The ball return system on this machine uses an under-lane accelerator as opposed to a lift. It lowers the pin table on every cycle to determine scoring.


The GS is characterized by a sweep that rotates downward (as opposed to dropping) as soon as the ball enters the pin deck. A GS-X shows “gsx” on the sweep when it is down, unless this marking has been removed or covered by the bowling center proprietor.via/read more: wikiepdia

VIAJared Owen
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