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2021 Isuzu D-MAX Engine Drive-Train And Testing

Fuelled by local Australian feedback, Isuzu engineers have evolved the proven 4JJ1 platform to now produce 140kW at 3,600rpm and 450Nm at 1,600rpm through to 2,600rpm, with the new 4JJ3-TCX sporting a 10kW and 20Nm hike over the preceding engine.

source: ISUZU /image(PrtSc): DPCcars

The strength of the engine comes courtesy of the wider and stronger torque band, with the 450Nm peak figure now available across a flat 1,000rpm stretch—a torque-band five times wider and more usable than its predecessor.Testament to how torque-efficient the 4JJ3-TCX is, midrange torque has also been further finessed, with a hearty 400Nm on tap from only 1,400rpm through to 3,250rpm.

Quieter, more thermally efficient and now generating more power and torque, the 4JJ3-TCX sports new engine internals, a more efficient electronically controlled Variable Geometry System (VGS) Turbocharger and a new high efficiency, high-pressure direct injection fuel system, that makes the most of each drop of diesel.


With less internal wear and tear through engineering, the new 4JJ3-TCX makes more power and torque, while emitting less noise and vibrations. Engine power is now transferred to the road through a more efficient and faster-shifting 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. Compared to the previous generation, this engine is as quiet and proven as they come.