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2023 Rolling Unit Expandable 3in1 Trailer


Most flexible and cost-effective solution as you don’t need a dedicated vehicle, can be towed by car SUV or van that you already have. Doesn’t require truck driver’s license, BE category is only needed. Maru is an Estonian company that offers a range of transport solutions.

source.image: Rolling Unit

Rolling Unit is an expandable trailer that triples its size in camp mode, thus offering more space than a conventional trailer with slide-outsIt has a carrying capacity of 1300 kg and 9 m² space for equipment in transport mode. Load all your equipment into the trailer, drive on site, expand and start working in spacious 24 m² and comfortable environment.

Manual levelling legs are included.Allows for more expandable space than a traditional slide-out without decreasing usable space inside.Can be driven on car or van license, no professional truck drivers required.


Less back and forward logistics when compared to multiple small trailers, save time and costs.Excellent insulation due to sandwich panel construction – usable all year.Better maneuverability compared to long trailers or trucks.Shelter can be detached from vehicle – lifetime of superstructure is not limited by vehicle.