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MiniVan Karmann Duncan 495 model 2023


Whatever you have in mind, wherever you want to go — there is always something to transport. It‘s a good thing the Duncan is so practical and nimble. It doesn‘t have to be a big trip. The Duncan also feels right at home on a shopping trip in the city.The Duncan can take it all. Leisure and sports equipment are also in good hands here. And by the way, it also looks stylish.

source.image(PrtSc): miniCampers

The new Duncan is just apparently another multifunctional van that combines the functionality of an everyday car, a camper and a transporter, which are many on the market. It comes in two versions with a short and long wheelbase, and the lengths are 497 (Duncan 495) or 534 cm (Duncan 535).

Add automotive specifications with a host of safety and connectivity features that are every bit as good as those in an upmarket passenger car. The Duncan is a multifunctional everyday vehicle with lifestyle character. Just the right thing for active leisure time.The base of the campervan is Ford Transit Custom powered by 2-liter EcoBlue engine with 105 HP engine.


Behind the driver’s seat, we find a series of kitchens and cabinets – everything is perfectly organized and easily accessible. In the rear right corner there is a couch on rails and a table in front of it.The bathroom is equipped with a practical toilet, washbasin and cabinets – in the class of such compact vehicles, this arrangement is very interesting. Heating with 2 kW diesel fuel is an option on the 495 model.