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2024 Balcamp Monocoque Rv Motorhome


It is the first Polish RV with monocoque design (a single shell without any joints) and an AL-KO aluminium frame.Interior features 4.5 cm thick sandwich panels. Walls and doors (the entrance and the compartment doors) use the same material, which makes their outlines barely visible – they appear as a monolith from the outside.

source.image: miniCampers

The frame with a wider rear axle base makes the vehicle more stable and easier to drive.The structure is designed for 4 people – as many for driving as for sleeping. There is a separate bathroom with toilet and shower next to the huge bed in the back, measuring 200 x 140 cm.

It is worth distinguishing a finish other than the most common white one. The brushed aluminum composite gives the sanitary area a color that harmonizes well with the gray colors outside. Interesting connection. The bed lowered above the cab has the same dimensions as the one in the bedroom.


A Dometic gas-electric absorption refrigerator, oven, 3000 W converter, leather cab trim, body-color interior paint, airbags and vehicle length (7.30 m) mean that the camper is truly an ace in its class!Balcamp SM 730 has a fairly typical height of 2.85 m. A 40-liter gas cylinder is installed under the structure, which provides huge resources of “food” for the Truma Combi gas heating and power supply for the kitchen.The RV is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319 V6 4×4 190 HP chassis.