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25 Plates HHO Hydrogen Generator Fuel Cell electrolysis Of Water


This hydrogen generator consists of 25 stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The gasket separating the plates is made of 1.5 mm rubber. The plates are placed (+ nnn-nnn + nnn-nnn + nnn-nnn +) so 4 plates with plus contacts and 3 plates with minus contacts and between them 3 plates without contact.

source/image(PrtSc): Inventive – Water fuel

The extra water vessel is made tooth-in filter by a compressor with a few minor modifications made by me. The electrolysis of water in this video is also done with distilled water, potassium flakes and a current of 12V.

For this hydrogen generator I had a PVM made by me 9 years ago according to the scheme of one in the trade, but because I interrupted the experiments a long time was lost among things.


As you saw in the video, the Amps consumed are about 7-10 amps and a fairly generous production of hydrogen. I have two more generators made with the same plate model but from fewer stainless steel plates, you can find them here.//Inventive – Water fuel

VIAInventive - Water fuel
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