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Cooking With Retained Heat Principles


In this episode I share my experience with cooking using the full heat cycle. The full heat cycle begins with a live fire. Then once the fire has gone out, using the full range of residual heat to cook a variety if dishes.Insulated Mortar:Insulated Mortar is a cement mixture made with an insulation material like Vermiculite or Perlite.

source/image(PrtSc): The Wood Fired Oven Chef

There are three type of heat that work together to cook your food when it’s in the oven.There’s Radiant Heat:That’s the heat generated directly by the fire in the oven chamber, and heat stored in the dome and floor. The temperature directly around the fire is going to be hottest part of the oven. Then it will drop towards the oven opening.

That’s one of the great versatilities with cooking in the wood oven, that you can use the variable temperature to regulate how you cook your food.Next is Conduction Heat:That’s the heat that’s transferred by direct contact with your food. For example from the floor when you’re making pizza, or from the pans or grill you’re using inside the oven.


And then there’s Convection Heat:That’s the heat generated by cool air drawn into the oven, that is then heated as it flows over the floor and the fire, and then circulated throughout the oven chamber, and out through the chimney./The Wood Fired Oven Chef