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2in1 Convercycle Bike That Lengthens To Carry Cargo


The rear wheel of the Convercycle Bike can be folded out with one simple movement without any tools. This creates space behind the saddle for loads such as luggage (permissible total weight 180kg).

source/image:(PrtSc): Convercycle Bikes

The Convercycle Bike combines the advantages of a short, light and maneuverable city bike with the transport possibilities of a cargo bike. The Convercycle Bike is a unique means of transport that fits perfectly into modern everyday life and offers a completely new flexibility to urban life.

With the Convercycle Bike you can easily transport your purchases. Whether crates of drinks, food or bulky stuff from the flea market. Everything finds its place in the 60 x 40 cm load basket. You can do your shopping stress free, without emissions and without looking for a parking space.


Thanks to its 28 inch wheels, the Convercycle can also be used for longer tours. The large wheels also help you overcome curbs and potholes. Unique among cargo bikes. A great riding experience!

The Convercycle is less than 2 meters long in City mode and can therefore easily be taken on public transport, such as the bicycle compartment on trains.When folded, you can easily take the Convercycle Bike in the elevator, for example at the train station or on the way to your apartment or office.

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