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Porsche 911 GT3’s Naturally Aspirated Boxer 6 Cylinder Masterpiece Engine


The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3’s 4.0L Naturally Aspirated Boxer Six-Cylinder Engine.The new Porsche 911 GT3 engine revs to 9,000 RPM. The 4.0L boxer six-cylinder is naturally aspirated, producing 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque.

source/image(PrtSc): Engineering Explained

The engine is packed with clever features including individual throttle bodies, two resonance valves, rigid valve train, DLC-coated rocker arms, large-bore cylinders, and a dry sump oil system with seven pickup locations, ensuring proper oil flow under track conditions.

The 4.0L has seen numerous updates since its introduction in the 2011 GT3 RS 4.0, and has been used in subsequent 911 GT3 variants since. The 2022 GT3 has also lapped the Nurburgring in just under seven minutes!


Thanks to weight reduction through material selection such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, titanium engine components, and special glass, the curb weight is kept low. Handling is improved with a new front and rear suspension, completely redesigned from the standard 911. Grip is maximized with Michelin Cup 2 R tires, and significantly increased downforce over the previous GT3./Engineering Explained

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