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3000T Spaceship Soft Landing Station Concept


A soft landing is any type of aircraft, rocket or spacecraft landing that does not result in significant damage to or destruction of the vehicle or its payload, as opposed to a hard landing. The average vertical speed in a soft landing should be about 2 meters (6.6 ft) per second or less.

source.image: Dahir Insaat

Station for the soft landing of spaceships.The logistics of the station allows, if necessary, for spaceships to complete one cycle every two hours. The cycle includes the return of spaceships onto the platform, transportation back into the hangar, and the installation of a new spaceship on the station. The system can handle rocket up to 3000T of weight.

source.image: Dahir Insaat

Ships can be stopped with the smallest reverse acceleration mathematically possible for a given speed and stopping distance. In a word, if you want to stop a rapidly falling object with the required speeds on each section of the path, use hydraulics.The new trap system is interchangeable, it has a dozen different tools for different occasions, can change them ten times a day and take ten different ships.

source.image: Dahir Insaat

The engineer and designer of this concept is Dakhir Semenov, he clarified, “Firstly, our ropes are able to actively move away from the engine torch while the ship passes through the trap window, and secondly, there are heat-resistant ceramic fabrics that hold high temperatures well and they are not so easy to burn. For this topic, I’m calm. We are not completely limited in the carrying capacity of ropes, now there are fibers 15 times stronger than steel, it costs nothing to create special ropes for 1000 tons with a heat-resistant sheath .


The problem of a “ soft landing can be solved by using many fibers, Kevlar, carbon, flexabit, UHMWPE, ONNEX. But the simplest and cheapest solution is still to use heavy-duty and high-modulus fibers (threads) made of high molecular weight polyethylene, cheap and simple. Of course, polyethylene ropes must be protected by a special heat-resistant sheath so as not to burn out from the torch of engines.

Such a sheath made of ceramic wool will also make the rope soft, which is good in our case, we should not hit the ship’s hull with a hard rope, because the ship’s hull is essentially a very thin shell that requires delicate handling. But what will happen to the mechanical hand of the Mask, when he grabs the ship with pincers, we will see , ” the inventor explained.

SOURCEDahir Insaat
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