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33ft Gooseneck Tiny Home Full Time Work & Travel On The Road


Lindsay and Eric designed a 33ft gooseneck tiny home measuring 11ft high and 8 1/2 ft wide. Unfortunately, their builder closed up shop halfway through the process, which left these determined superstars to finish it themselves!

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Every piece of this design was thought out and placed with a purpose. For example, the angled doorway into the bathroom allows proper space for the toilet, vanity, and rain head shower/steam room combo. The hideaway ladder extends to the upstairs loft, and the multi-use table adjusts to a variety of sizes and can also completely disappear, making space for the dance floor!

The kitchen, Eric’s happy place, consists of a four-burner stove next to a large toaster oven/air fryer combo. There’s a full-size fridge, an under-mount sink, and more than enough storage in drawers, baskets, and open shelving.


The six 230watt solar panels and lithium batteries support all of the appliances full force. They secured an informative touchscreen under the gooseneck to be well aware of the power in and energy out. Lindsay and Eric take pride in their tiny home and never hesitate to share the knowledge they’ve acquired through this journey!//Tiny Home Tours