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Woman’s Wondrous Dual Tiny House Home and Art Studio


This woman’s wonderful dual tiny house home and studio setup creates quality of life and freedom in both the home and the workspace. Thanks Sharesies for sponsoring this video!

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

In this weeks episode we meet Trees, an inspiring artist who has constructed two beautiful tiny houses to form both her home and art studio.

Between the two, she has created an ideal set-up, with one home being a sanctuary where she can relax and sleep and the other, a place for work and creativity.


The two tiny houses are joined by a covered deck which provides additional outdoor living space and combined, they form a dream home for this artist! We hope you enjoy the video tour of these beautifully constructed tiny homes./Living Big In A Tiny House

VIALiving Big In A Tiny House
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