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360sq Factory Built Tiny House Packed With Everything


Meet Boxabl, an incredible company who aims to decrease the cost of housing, one tiny home at a time. Founded by Gallano & Paolo, a father/son duo, plus their friend Kyle, in 2018, this company has blossomed from an incredible idea to a business that will change the world.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Although Boxabl is still in early development, this outstanding business grows more & more, every single day.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

Featured in this video is the Boxabl Casita, a 360 square foot tiny home that comes packed with everything you could ever need.


Each Boxabl arrives fully finished including LED lighting, plumbing, & a heating/cooling system, all you need to provide is access to utilities to make these homes move-in-ready. Although tiny, their functional layouts feature a living room, kitchen, bedroom, & bathroom.