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DIY Endless Heater 3.0 That Runs Off A Regular Cooking Vegetable Oil


This heater works on household vegetable oil and can emit a tremendous amount of heat to heat up a space. It can help cut down on one’s heating bill significantly, and it’s perfect for off-grid living or during a power outage.

source/image(PrtSc): Daniel’s Inventions

The cool thing about this design (ENDLESS Heat for Your Home 3.0) is that the heater is not installed onto the wall and there is no need to drill holes through the walls of your house to exhaust the fumes.

The exhaust pipe of this heater is designed to vent out the fumes through a concrete board which is installed inside of a window and can be easily installed and removed in any room of the house. This heater does not have a fan, rather the actual frame of the heater and the exhaust pipe will emit heat which will heat up the space.


This was a prototype and was built from a thin corrugated steel. It does need to be built out of a heavier gauge of steel, at least that of an ammo box. This heater was designed to be elongated to have a very long flame that emits a lot of heat to heat up quickly. It does have two pieces of high heat resistant glass and can emit heat on each side of the heater.

SOURCE Daniel's Inventions
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