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17’ Micro Class B RV Walk-Through Wingamm Oasi 540


Walk-through of the 17 foot Wingamm Oasi 540 on a Fiat Ducato has a one-piece fiberglass monocoque shell with seating and sleeping for four people. This micro Class B RV is made in Italy and will be coming to the United States mid-2022.

source/image(PrtSc): We’re the Russos

It has room for up to four passengers while driving and camping, and is more manuversable and easier to park than most other camper vans.The configuration gives the micro-camper a wheelbase of 118.11 inches and an overall length of 213.4 inches. Watch the video from We’re the Russos for more info:

The Oasi 540 comes with a propane-powered furnace, which, combined with a heat pump on its air conditioning unit, makes it an excellent option for four-season camping. Radiant heating in the floors ensures a warm space even when the mercury drops below freezing.


The dining area places a couch around a removable table, but by swiveling the cab seats around, you can squeeze four or five people around it for meals. The kitchen packs not only a stainless steel sink and ample cabinets, but a two-burner stove and a 3.8-cubic-foot fridge.

The interion of Oasai 540 Camper Van:

  • Large L-shaped dinette that can be transformed into a single bed.
  • Kitchen area with a 2-burner range and flush-top lid, and a steel sink with a lid/cutting board.
  • 3.8 cu ft trivalent refrigerator.
  • Patented Wingamm double longitudinal drop-down bed with wooden slats and a memory-foam mattress.
  • Bathroom area with a toilet and sink.