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3D Animation Inside The Apollo Lunar Module Spacecraft

The Apollo Lunar Module was the part of the Apollo Spacecraft that landed on the moon. The LM was split up into two parts – the ascent stage and descent stage.

source/image(PrtSc): Jared Owen

For the landing, both parts went to the surface of the moon. When it’s time the leave only the ascent stage leaves the surface. The descent stage has fuel and oxidizer tanks in the center compartments. Watch the video from Jared Owen for more info.

Equipment was also stored in the outer corners – these were called quadrants. They stored items such as the Lunar Roving Vehicle, scientific experiments, a camera, and water and oxygen tanks.


The ascent stage was where the astronauts lived. It had the controls, two windows, more equipment, a docking hatch, and the engine to leave the lunar surface.via: Jared Owen