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3D Animation Of Butterfly Valve Working Principle


Valves are tools that direct, control or regulate the flow of a fluid.They can allow or interrupt the flow, regulate the flow or pressure rate and their body has inlet and outlet ports, inside of which there is a moving element for flow regulation or interruption.

image: JAES Company

In this video we’ll explain how butterfly valve works and watching videos in our playlist you’ll find out all types of valves around you.For over ten years Jaes Company has been providing industrial spare parts and offers every type of valve from leading producers.

Butterfly valve gets its name from the shape of the plug and how it moves.The plug is disc-shaped and the stem passing through it reminds of a butterfly. To obstruct the flowing, the disk make a 90° rotation on the normal axis to that of the piping run, like butterfly’s wings.


The flow comes to a full stop when the disk sealing presses against the seat on the inside diameter of the valve body. Most valves are soft-seated in elastomeric material against which the disk seals.If the butterfly valve is designed for extreme conditions, it consists of two metal sealing rings, one on the plug and one on the seal seat.