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3D Animation Of How an Airliner Cockpit Works


A cockpit or flight deck is the area, usually near the front of an aircraft or spacecraft, from which a pilot controls the aircraft.The cockpit of an aircraft contains flight instruments on an instrument panel, and the controls that enable the pilot to fly the aircraft.

source/image(PrtSc): Animagraffs

In all types of aircraft there is always an instrument panel located in front of the pilots to display the information required for navigation and flight control.Learn about every button, switch, knob, screen, lever, and control device in a modern airliner cockpit. Video by Animagraffs:

In most airliners, a door separates the cockpit from the aircraft cabin.


There are significant variations in the layout of the cockpit from one aircraft to another, the most common components of an aircraft cockpit are always the same:

  • the dashboard panel
  • the autopilot system
    the side panels, on the sides of the pilots’ seats and under the
  • side windshield
  • the motor control unit, which is located further down
    the displays that show the artificial horizon and the status of the engines
  • the control wheel or the joystick/side stick, depending on the aircraft model, and rudder pedals.