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3D Animation Taurozzi Pendulum Engine Working Principle


In this video we analyze the Taurozzi pendulum motor. An engine with little fuel consumption and several units were built. Did you know him?Pendular engine by the Argentine Eduardo Taurozzi. Reduces costs, fuel consume, exhausts emissions, lateral effect and its smaller.

source/image(PrtSc): Repairman22

Also doesn`t need oil lubricant bescause pistons doesn`t produce friccion.In this video we see and analyze the operation of the Pendular motor of the Argentine engineer Eduardo Taurozzi.

Torozzi Pendulum Engine, patented in 1974, made lubrication-free operation possible by decreasing the friction between cylinder surface and piston side walls by using pendulum kinematics and curved cylinder wall.


It dramatically got rejected by OEMs, using the difficulty of manufacturing as an excuse. Thanks to 3D animation we can see its interior and how it works, analyzing if it really is more efficient than a conventional engine.