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3D Animation Understanding Electric Motor Windings


It’s a pleasure to watch fabrication process of windings in the factories. What you see here is a fully automatic winding process. The windings take in electric current and create a Rotating magnetic field out of it. This RMF is responsible for the motor’s rotation. You might be curious about how this Magnetic field rotates even when the windings are stationary? Let’s unveil its working, come along!

source/image(PrtSc): Lesics

Windings are wires that are laid in coils, usually wrapped around a laminated soft iron magnetic core so as to form magnetic poles when energized with current. Watch the video from Lesics for more info:

Electric machines come in two basic magnetic pole configurations: salient- and nonsalient-pole configurations. In the salient-pole machine the ferromagnetic cores on the rotor and stator have projections called poles facing each other, with a wire winding around each pole below the pole face, which become north or south poles of the magnetic field when current flows through the wire.


In the nonsalient-pole, or distributed field, or round-rotor, machine, the ferromagnetic core does not have projecting poles but is a smooth cylinder, with the windings distributed evenly in slots about the circumference. The alternating current in the windings creates poles in the core which rotate continuously.via: wikipedia

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