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3D Printed Monocopter With Thrust Vectoring Test Flight


Test Flight of my 3D printed Monocopter with thrust vectoring.Its a single motor drone and uses 4 servo-controlled ducts for thrust vector control.

source/image(PrtSC): Michael Bruckner

This project shows a complete 3D designed and printed single rotor drone as a full remake of the previous “Ball-Drone” Projekt.

The special design with only one rotor and air vanes for position control make this project particularly interesting in the area of drones.


Common RC components like radio receiver, lipo battery, ESC, motor, propeller, servos were used. In addition to drastic changes to the design itself, a commercial flight controller is now also used. Setting up Betaflight is just as important as a lot of background information and links on the topic itself.via/read more: hackaday


  • 3D printed Frame (PETG)
  • F4 FC
  • 2306 Motor
  • 6×4.2 Prop
  • ES9051 servos
  • Frsky RX
  • Tattu 1300mAh 4s
VIA Michael Bruckner
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