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4 Clever Features Of Hyundai’s New 8-Speed DCT Transmission


The 2021 Hyundai Veloster N has stepped up the game, especially with the 8-speed DCT. It now features N Grin Shift, N Power Shift, N Track Sense Shift, and launch control. Now these may sound like video game features, but that’s kinda what Hyundai is going for here with the experience, and the good news is each of these features actually have tangible performance improvements that they provide for the car. From a performance standpoint, these features set the dual clutch Veloster N apart from the manual transmission version.

source/image(PrtSc): Engineering Explained

N Grin Shift:The whole idea of N Grin Shift is to temporarily give you more performance. Pressing a button on your steering wheel allows your engine to increase boost for up to 20 seconds!N Power Shift:This feature alone reduces the 0-100 kph time (or 0-62 mph time) by 0.2 seconds. It’s like power shifting in a manual transmission, except you’ve got a wet, multi-plate clutch to handle the driveline shock!

N Track Sense Shift:N Track Sense Shift is a predictive shift logic that’s based on how you’re driving. If you start driving more aggressively, the system matches the gearbox response to your driving style. If you’re accelerating hard, turning at higher g’s, and braking hard, the system is going to use the most aggressive gear shift strategy possible.


Launch Control (DCT):Now there’s another cool feature that differentiates the DCT model from the manual transmission, and that’s launch control. Both transmissions offer launch control, but there are several advantages with the DCT. It employs five techniques, which we’ll break down in this video, to execute a powerful launch.//Engineering Explained

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