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Woman Drove The Same 57 Chevy For 60 Years


THIS stunning Chevrolet Bel Air has been the pride and joy of the same owner for more than 60 years. Grace Braeger bought the car for $2,250 in 1957 and never imagined she would still have it all these years later.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Nicknamed 57 Lady, the Chevrolet continues to impress onlookers and its owner. What is the secret to its longevity? Grace said: “When it needs something, you take care of it. Watch the video from Barcroft Cars for more info:

You replace it, you always try to keep it clean and you try to keep it waxed. And you go by the manual.”Grace bought the car Oct. 15, 1957, from King-Braeger Chevrolet in Milwaukee, though she doesn’t think she’s related to that Braeger.


The four-door hardtop was a dealer demo and came with 4,239 miles on it.The car’s original engine is still onboard, 121,000-plus miles after it rolled out of the assembly factory in Janesville./Barcroft Cars

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