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4 Stroke Twin Cylinder R/C Car Build And First Test


Nitro-powered R/C cars are awesome—outrageously capable miniature vehicles powered by teensy-weensy single-cylinder engines that burn nitromethane.In this video JohnnyQ90 build a monster RC car powered by a Toyan FS-L200 Two Cylinder Four Stroke Nitro RC Engine.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

TOYAN FS-L200 is a brand-new platform specially developed for RC models. It is added to the engine design with red as the motion element.The whole machine is made of 2 series aluminum CNC with a more stable temperature coefficient.

The compact and lightweight structure and multi-modular design provide better protection for subsequent upgrades.Displacement: 3.5cc.Output Power: 0.5ps.Cylinder Diameter: 17.0mm.Piston Diameter: 16.6mm.


He also uses a Starter Kit for TOYAN FS-L200 Engine,The kit contains two glow plug, two ignition module, one ESC, oil tank and tubing, used for TOYAN FS-L200 double-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine model.