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DIY Making A Portable Air Compressor For Multiple Uses


A portable air compressor is our new creation, numbered 0116. It is a structure that can have multiple uses in brief tasks that air needs to be provided. The benefit of this structure is that it does not need electricity provision as it works with a battery thus it makes it easily to be used and more functional.

source/image(PrtSc): Make It Extreme

Initially, we used a 12v compressor to connect it on two 5litred- containers taken by old fire extinguishers. After we had connected the two containers the one with the other and with the air compressor, we put a pressure switch that switches off the compressor when it reaches 120psi pressure. Also, for our own safety, we put a relief valve 8-12 bar. Having supported by an air regulator, we are able to set the air pressure that exerts from the tanks according to the tool that we use the certain time.

Finally, we placed a fast coupling before the point, where the air exits, on which we connect quickly and easily the tool that we need. Modifying the current valves existed on the old fire extinguishers, we found out a clever solution of the problem how the humidity can exit the tanks.


To sum up, to try our structure, we used an air stapler gun that worked amazingly well. Then, after we had regulated the pressure at the 3 bars, we tried our airbrush and we made the make it extreme logo on a wood having excellent results. The outcome and the functionality of this structure is amazing and we are very pleased with the result.///makeitextreme

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