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434 ft² Apartment With Loft Bedroom And Fantastic Interior Design Tour


Small space living isn’t limited to tiny houses! There are loads of small apartments like this 14’x31′ loft in Victoria, BC – it’s central, it’s legal, and you don’t have to worry about where to park it! We loved taking a peek at the beautiful interior design that makes this small home feel like pure luxury.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

A huge reason why this space works so well is that the sleeping loft is on top of the kitchen and bathroom, essentially re-using the same square footage and leaving the main floor open for a bigger living area. Watch the video from Exploring Alternatives for more info:

There are some disadvantages to a space like this: not all apartments have high ceilings and a built-in loft. Not everyone can manage a ladder. And the cost of living downtown might be higher than living in a more rural area with a car.


There isn’t one perfect way to live, and we just like exploring the different options! If tiny houses aren’t an option in a certain area, small urban spaces like apartments and micro condos can be a practical and easy option to live in a small space without the challenges of buying and finding a place to park a tiny house.Exploring Alternatives

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