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4k Slow Motion Hitting Massive Potholes

The Mercedes Benz E Class is back again, this time there is pothole damage to car as it is taking on even bigger potholes and faster than ever before, potholes so big in fact that they popped my tires, will it survive?. episode 1

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I Film it in 4K slow motion and mount additional high-speed cameras so we can see how the suspension works closer and more in detail than ever before, I am amazed at how well the car handles these extreme potholes and extreme situation. Video by Warped Perception:

This car as good as it looks was scheduled to go to the crusher and a week before it was getting picked up I decided to use it for this series, due to legal reasons it could not be retitled, and could not be salvaged.


All the parts that I stripped off of this car I gave away two other E-class owners for free. Contrary to what many people believe my intention is not to destroy or trash this car./via.read more: Warped Perception