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4K Slow Motion Launching Model Rocket From Underwater

Just for fun I decided to build a model rocket and launch it from underwater while filming it with the high speed camera in slow motion. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now just to see what would happen and if the rocket would even ignite.

source/image: Warped Perception

In the past I let rocket engines underwater and under liquid nitrogen so I assumed it would work but I was really unsure as to how the rocket would break away from the surface of the water.Watch the video from Warped Perception for more info:

Warped Perception built a model rocket with the intention of launching it under water. Mikka first submerged the engine only and the rocket launched successfully.


The rocket engine can fire underwater because it makes its own oxygen. Warped Perception proceeded to capture the launch from every angle in 4K slow motion.This video is 100% just for fun so hopefully you enjoyed it.