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4K Slow Motion Model Rocket Engine In A Vacuum Chamber


Can a model rocket engine burn in a space with no oxygen, Warped Perception puts it to the test. He’s going to build a vacuum chamber to the right size and rig it with a model rocket engine, and he is gonna film it in slow motion.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I Ignited a Model Rocket Engine inside a giant vacuum chamber i build to see whether or not it will burn while filming it in 4k slow motion.

The idea here is to replicate how rocket engines and Rocket motors burn in space in a vacuum where there is no air.


There are many Skeptics out there who think they’re rocket engines cannot burn in space at all, in a way we are busting a myth, but this was a viewer request.The result of this burning in a vacuum chamber was very fascinating, surprising and interesting.

VIA Warped Perception
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