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4×4 Campervan 2023 KARMANN Dexter 560


Fully responsive on gravel, snow or ice, alert on the road, wonderfully idiosyncratic in its features – the Dexter 560 4×4 is full of talent.All-wheel drive, slippery, gravel. Do you associate these words with comfort and upscale features? Probably not, but you could. After all, the Dexter 560 4×4 combines the best of both worlds in the most individual way.

source.image(PrtSc): miniCampers

At just under 6 metres in length, you can expect a comfortable seating area for four, a large refrigerator with access from the outside and inside, a toilet with a shower and loads of other comforts.

With this equipment and all-wheel drive, you can go anywhere comfortably. At any time of the year. Thanks to efficient insulation and powerful diesel heating, the Dexter 560 4×4 is also an ideal base camp in winter. Before you continue your journey far from the beaten path.


70 – 80-litre refrigerator (floor plan dependent),2-ring hob with cover,Worktop with integrated sink,Bathroom,Toilet room with integrated shower,Cassette toilet,Living Area,Series upholstery Asti,Table extension.The campervan stands on Ford Transit 2.0 ltr. 96 kW (130 HP) diesel engine.

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