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4×4 Off-Road RV Motorhome The Showhauler

The Showhauler RV is built on a Freightliner business class chassis from 2017. Under the hood is a straight-six Cummins diesel engine that makes 350 horsepower and 1,491 Newton-meters of torque sitting on 44” Firestone military tires.

source/image(PrtSc): MyRv Sales

At first glance, a large-scale truck resembles a military vehicle due to a kind of cab with four doors, a chassis on huge wheels and a sand-colored bodywork.

This RV will feature a isolated master bedroom, washer/dryer, spray foam insulation, opposing couch and dinette.An 80 gallon water tank sits below the chassis, with a back up 50 gallon diesel tank to keep your fuel reserves topped up.To the left at the entrance are numerous cabinets and on the contrary a full kitchen with all relevant equipment


In the interior there is a dinette set, sofa, kitchen top, stove, stainless-steel sink, and plenty of storage. It can sleep up to 7 people however.A single bunk sits above the sofa, and the triple seat in the cab converts into a flat power sofa.