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4×4 Sunlight Cliff 590 Adventure Edition RV Camper Van


The new CLIFF 590 4×4, a new version of its proven as well as popular Camper Vans. As the first of its kind, the CLIFF 4×4 (with a vehicle length of 598 cm) is built on a FORD Transit chassis.Sunlight’s Cliff 590 4×4 Adventure Edition campervan seems like a good option for all adventure seekers who like to wander off the beaten path.

source.image(PrtSc): JARO SPEED

It features a powerful 170 PS motor, and the Adventure 4×4 decal plus black 16“ alloy rims add to the sporty appearance of the Offroad Camper Van. SUNLIGHT further includes premium framed windows and a bigger awning in the edition.

The kitchen has been slightly tapered towards the front leading to more space and enhancing the feeling of openness. Further, the kitchen is equipped with a 2-burner hob with 12V ignition, a spacious sink, and a double door 70l fridge. There is also a toilet on board just like in every SUNLIGHT model.


Smartly integrated into the vehicle, the super comfortable rear transverse bed comes in a size of 192 or 189 cm length and 147 cm width. With an interior height of 2.02 m, you can move freely and enjoy great headspace.Sunlight has equipped the new all-wheel drive campervan with a plethora of extras and enhancements, such as bespoke Adventure 4×4 decals and black 16-inch alloy wheels