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53ft Used Shipping Container Tiny Home Full Tour


Shipping containers make great building blocks for homes and have become an unlikely go-to for a huge variety of applications in recent years.In this video, we’re touring a unique 1-bedroom home that was built with a 53’ foot used shipping container.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

It’s called a Plunk Pod, because it’s built completely off-site, and designed to be plunked down and ready to use wherever it’s needed, whether that’s in a backyard with full hookups, or in a remote location with off-grid systems. It is size is 8.5’X53′ 450 sqft.

Beautifully finished with wide plank wood flooring, 80 year old church beam steps and a sleek euro-style fireplace. A perfect back yard flat or ADU. Warm, comfortable, impressive.


Shipping containers are also made from steel, which is a durable, fire-resistant material. They are less prone to damage from fires that start outside of the home, such as wildfires or fires from nearby structures.//Exploring Alternatives