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580-TON Stone House Built In 1862 Moved in 7 Hours

Now there are specialized moving companies that can move your actual solid house across country. So, you are offered an attractive, well-paid job but you have to relocate to another city? And you are so fond of your family house that you can’t even imagine replacing it.

source/image: stanbrubaker

No problem – you can take your home with you. Don’t worry about the size. As you can see a 580-ton stone house, built in 1862 was moved successfully to a better location.

Thus, you can always be in your own home, no matter what your address is.Besides, this technique can also be used to relocate historically-significant buildings or even endangered giant trees.


Relocation has always been part of our lives and will always be. For those, who prefer exploring new options, a new house is something exciting and yet another opportunity to express themselves. And those who know that their home is their castle there is now an option to move it to a new location, if they have the guts to try it.