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7.5 kW Prototype Poncelet Waterwheel


The Poncelet wheel is a type of waterwheel invented by Jean-Victor Poncelet while working at the École d’Application in Metz. It roughly doubled the efficiency of existing undershot waterwheels through a series of detail improvements. Traditional undershot waterwheels consisted of a series of flat blades fixed to the rim of a wheel. The blades were typically radial, i.e. mounted so that they pointed straight out along the radius of the wheel.

source.image: Nering Industries

When water from the headrace flowed past the wheel, it hit the blades, and some of its kinetic energy was converted into work by the wheel. This is a giant water wheel by Nering Industries that is connected to an equally sizeable arm. It is made completely with cast iron. When this wheel is placed in water, the river’s flow keeps it in a period of motion.

This, in turn, generates a lot of energy. The initial testing of the elevation control hydraulics of our 7.5 kW prototype Poncelet waterwheel. The wheel is 3 meters in diameter, and 1 meter wide. It employs a 5:1 speed increasing belt drive. The PM generator produces maximum power at 50 RPM.


Obtaining a constant supply of electricity even in the most isolated areas is possible thanks to a technology based on an ancient invention. More than enough to cover the daily needs of a home.