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Burstner Lineo C590 Small 5.98m Luxury Campervan


Burstner Lineo C 590 is a small, luxury camper van that is only 598 cm / 19.6 feet long and has high ground clearance that allows you to travel both in nature and in narrow city streets. Built on Ford Transit the campervan gives a feeling of airy spaciousness. The Bürstner Camper combines fabulous comfort and an airy feeling of space with the flexibility of a compact model. You will find everything you need for a comfortable trip with a full bathroom that has a toilet and shower, an extra large bed and a kitchen with cooking facilities and a fridge with freezer.

source.image: Bobilagenten AS

Bicycle rack at the back makes it very easy to carry bicycles and Thule awning is perfect for protecting from both sun and rain.The exterior has a nice colour, Thule awning, Thule bicycle rack, mosquito door, fog lights, attractive black 16″ aluminum rims, electric step and double doors with windows. The motorhome has a great interior with smart solutions. LED lighting around the car. Reversible chairs with armrests form a pleasant seating area, and a smart table. This table can be extended with a wave of the hand for an even larger table surface when needed.

Large hanging cupboard for clothes and lots of storage space in drawers, cupboards and hatches. Notice the smart shelf with USB for charging phones and other technical gadgets. In the seating area, there is an ISOFIX child seat attachment available, which is practical for those who want to take children on trips. In the kitchen, there are many smart storage options with drawers and cupboards. High-mounted compressor refrigerator with freezer. Hot/cold water and cooking torches. A large worktop in the kitchen means that you have plenty of space when cooking.


At the back of the bedroom you will find a large bed. There is a reading light next to the bed. The bed can also be easily tilted up for easy access or if you want to transport something larger. In the driver’s environment you will find good reversible chairs in part ‘leather’ with armrests and several adjustments, air conditioning, airbags on both sides, cruise control, on-board computer and a vigorous 2.2L Turbodiesel engine of 140 hp makes the motorhome ready for travel.