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FAUN Trackway System Deploys 40m Trackway


The Roadway Kit improves the mobility of vehicles, cranes and other wheeled transportation by rapidly laying a temporary, aluminum access route. Thoroughly tried and tested, this modular system is the ideal solution on challenging terrain; including marshland, snow, sand, river fording and verges.

source.image: FAUN Trackway Limited

Comprising of your Trackway solution of choice, a deployment system to match your budget, and accessories as standard, traversing difficult environments has never been easier.

Suitable for wheeled vehicles. Used for as little as a day or a more permanent installation. Ensures ground / environmental protection. Provides a high traction surface. Laid and recovered quickly and efficiently. Aluminum panels, joined together by a tongue and groove joint, with locking bolts to secure.


Designed to be constantly reused, has a long operational life and is recyclable. Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F.Half panels every 16ft 4in (5m) for easy splitting and joining. Withstands repeated passes of vehicles with a gross weight of up to 330,700Ibs.Supports axle load of up to 39,683Ibs;.Available in a width of 15ft.