Home Technology A 1958 All-Electric Vintage VW Beetle With Tesla Batteries

A 1958 All-Electric Vintage VW Beetle With Tesla Batteries

This is our next-gen Zelectric Beetle. AKA zbugV2 (actually build #17) This 1960 Volkswagen Beetle features Tesla Model S battery packs, custom 2-speed manual transaxle, 102hp electric motor. Lighter. Faster. Blacker. 100 mile range. Plug in anywhere.

source/image(PrtSc): ZelectricBug

Zelectric is a California-based company which is specializing in electric conversion,they have equipped this 1958 VW Bug with their conversion kit, including an electric motor and Tesla battery modules.

Zelectric Beetle upgrades include: regen braking, front disc brakes, dual-circuit master cylinder, steel braided brake lines, adjustable front beam, gas shocks, custom clutch & flywheel, new shift cables and bushings, short throw performance shifter.


Newly rebuilt transaxle, LED lights, drive-by-wire throttle, regen dash switch, 12-volt electrics, digital fuel gauge, variable speed wipers, USB charge port, front & rear sway bars, color matching motor bay panels, front seat belts, on-board level-2 charger, battery management system, level-1 charge cord, spare tire & jack. Options include all-electric cabin heat, stereo, and more. All cars are custom and built to order.