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A 1969 Camaro Converted Into Slot Car Track!!!

It took a little creativity and a lot of patience but someone has turned a full size1969 Camaro Z28 into a slot car track.Former race car driver Bobby Rahal commissioned this awesome 1969 Camaro-turned-slot-car-track.

source/image(PrtSc): Slotmodsusa

It wears the famous Roger Penske/Sunoco livery, and Bob Donaues number, a real trip down memory lane for fans of racing both big and small.

Definitely a cool car to have and play with.The Camaro is accurate right down to the Penske Blue paint and ultra-rare Minilite wheels and racing tires.


The slot cars are 1/32-scale and can be driven on the track’s recreated 11 curves. The detailing work on the model track is also quite something.There are even LEDs that light up the course. A total of 12 slot cars.