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A 20FT Luxury Shipping Container Cafe!!

The shipping container pop up shops come equipped with a custom designed kitchen specific for the foods and drinks you are selling, when you work with our designer we ensure you are able to fit in all of the fridges, ovens, coffee machines, sinks, shelves, cupboards and everything else while still having a wide bench space for serving customers.

source/image: Container build group

The new Coffs harbour Jetty café is built from a 20FT new high cube container with external batons and eco deck on the exterior.Full marine upgrade to cope with sea spray from the jetty.Marine stainless internally with dual tilt up gas strut assisted tilt up panels.

Additional safety lock in bars installed on both tilt panels.The tilt up panels are also fully insulated at R1.9 thermal rating.Custom cabinetry and benching to the clients requests.This unit was completely built as you see it on the gallery with minimal onsite setup.


Container pop up shops are perfect on unused land in high traffic areas, there are a lot of event organisers who are looking to maximise the space they have available or even developers who are several years off breaking ground. Most are happy if they can get any rent without needing to put infrastructure in until they are ready. A short term lease with cheap rent in a high traffic area is very attractive and gives the added edge to those with a container pop up shop.