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A Caravan Home Like No Other – The Incredible Unity Wagon


Located on a spectacular permaculture farm outside of Melbourne, Australia is the Unity Wagon.Constructed by artist Steve Areen, this caravan-style tiny home on wheels is completely unique and absolutely beautiful.

image/text credit:  Living Big In A Tiny House 

Steve is a talented DIY builder who has a knack for creating unique and playful structures.The unbelievable dome home which he built in Thailand was actually one of the homes which inspired me to learn more about earth building and natural homes.

image/text credit:  Living Big In A Tiny House 

His new tiny house venture is the Unity Wagon, built on a 5 x 10ft (1.5 x 3m) trailer and packed full of very clever design ideas. This is a functional caravan, yet also serves as a home for Steve when in Australia.


The intention is to eventually also open this up as a farm stay on the permaculture property when Steve is overseas. The area was increased several feet in both directions thanks to the curvy shape of the caravan but in order to make the space really functional Steve has incorporated some very clever design ideas.

The bed design is incredibly clever.During the day it is the size of a single bed but at night can be extended to a double when required. Steve calls it his optimistically expanding bed.

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