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A Compact, Lightweight,Portable Toilet And Privacy Shelter System


This unique portable toilet easily fits in your backpack. The InstaPrivy is a coolest portable toilet and privacy shelter system designed to be ultimate compact, lightweight and for instant use. It comes with a plastic seat and a privacy shelter. So it will provide complete privacy on the potty wherever you are.

source/image(PrtSc): InstaPrivy

For use with camping, hiking, truck drivers, road trips, long distance running, construction sites, boating/rafting, in disaster areas, for campers without toilet facilities, military personal, and for any parent whose child has had an accident before you could find a restroom.

Using the restroom in the outdoors or in an area without restroom facilities is somewhat of a human right of passage. It can be embarrassing, stressful, and have varying degrees of success.


While some people desire to go find a place in the bushes to relieve themselves, it is not for everybody. The InstaPrivy gives individuals a stable chair and a well ventilated privacy shelter to take care of their needs without embarrassment.

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